I've always been drawn to art that not only captivates me visually but also encourages deeper contemplation and exploration beyond its surface. I'm also drawn to symbolic and metaphorical art that explores themes related to the human experience.  

Symbolist and metaphorical art initiates a process of observation and contemplation, prompting me to explore its intended message and its relevance to my own experiences. I enjoy being challenged in that way. I love the space that it provides for my own interpretation while also being lead in a certain direction, generating a specific atmosphere and sparking my curiosity to try to understand what the maker of the piece was aiming at. It's akin to deciphering someone else's language while also gaining insights into my own psyche.

Seeing the photography series 'Royal Blood' by Erwin Olaf at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands was a transformative moment for me. It was the first time that I was genuinely amazed and moved by the potential of photography as a medium to express ideas visually. Despite having experimented with photography before, it was then that I truly experienced its power to convey stories while carefully crafting a scene.

In addition to the freedom that photography offers me to create a visual story, I derive immense pleasure from freezing time through images of people, water, and skyscapes.

Because of my intense love for music, I've also developed a special interest in editing music videos and I'm looking forward to work with more music artists in the near future. 

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