Facing Trauma


When Will I Break Through

To find yourself amidst the storm

Dark clouds rolling up your spine

Into the slits of your heart

Is to feel yourself falling apart

To find yourself there

Broken down

Crying, panting on the floor

Still breathing


At failing

Inhaling the breath

That chokes you up inside

While you abide

You can’t escape

When you meet your pain

Head on

Standing strong in weakness

You can only shift once you give in

Break down

Cry, out of breath

Near death

To find yourself where darkness shines

On the shrines of your loneliness

Is to lose yourself

Is to choose to delve

Against your free will

Into the unknown familiar

Your body hits the brakes

Your mind stirs and shakes up

Another concoction you oppose to

But while it chokes you

You abide, inside

Because there is no better way through the pain

Than head on

While you stand strong

Trembling from the knowledge

That it will either kill you

Or make you break through


© Laura Csonka

Facing Trauma revolves around the moment one shifts from a state of resistance to a state of allowance. Instead of running away from negative feelings caused by a traumatic experience and the triggers that makes one re-experience those feelings, one faces one's demons and fears and embraces those feelings because they are actually legitimate. This shift initiates a necessary process in moving towards healing wounds from the past.

In essence, the series is about confrontation with trauma: both the urge to look away from it and the courage to come face-to-face with it.

Taxidermy by Norman Martens*

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